My goal is always to find and write original stories in science with the critical eye of journalism.

With more than 20 years specializing in covering science, I have often experienced the need to defend and promote science journalism. This is why I have been involved with associations of science journalists such as the CSWA and helped create the WFSJ as its first president.

Science is global and regional, it affects people lives while, even today, remaining secret, misunderstood and underreported to the general public. This is why I make covering science a mission, a passion and a commitment.

– Véronique Morin


  • Mentor on the Students on Ice Arctic Trip (2005).
  • Moderator, “Lessons for Canada: International Union Perspectives on Public Science,” The 2nd Science Policy Symposium / Le 2ème symposium sur la Science publique (2010).
  • Speaker, “Communicating science in the 21st century,” Quantum to Cosmos festival at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (2009).
  • Chair, General Assembly meeting of the World Federation of Science Journalism (2004). View highlights.

Quoted in:

The Science of Cool,” by Leigh Doyle, in Ryerson Review of Journalism (2005)
Le Journalisme scientifique: État de la situation,” Observatoire du journalisme, (2008)
Le traitement de la science par les médias,” Histoire du journalisme scientifique

“The World Federation of Science journalists (WFSJ) has the potential to play a vital role in helping bride the gap between science and society by bringing together journalists from around the world,” said Véronique Morin, former President of WFSJ, who also highlights the role a world federation can play in enhancing accurate and quality reporting in science and in encouraging good ethical practices in the field.”

Communicating Science,” EurActiv (2007)

Selected Articles:

Dans une édition spéciale du Neiman Reports de la Fondation Neiman pour le journalisme à l’Université Harvard, Bob Giles, curateur, affirme que la couverture scientifique est le grand défi du début du XXIe siècle: «[…]la science fait partie de presque tous les aspects de notre vie, ce qui en fait l’une des affectations les plus importantes de la première décennie du XXIe siècle, si ce n’est des années au-delà.»”

Journalisme scientifique – le Paradoxe des salles de nouvelles,” FPJQ