Childbirth later in life? The future, where women in their late 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond could get pregnant and carry a child to term, is now. But, Véronique Morin […]

Animal Magnetism

Isabella Rossellini looks where the wild things are and shares some astonishing facts of life from the world of the birds and the bees Why on earth would a woman […]

Turning back the clock

New evidence in neuroscience shows that physical exercise can help restore and even reverse the decline of brain functions, Véronique Morin reports. “One and two and three …,” shouts the instructor, […]

The Natural

Jane Goodall’s detailed observations of chimpanzees in the wild changed the way we view our primate cousins – and now she wants to change the world. COSMOS – Issue 09 […]

Sophie Gironnay: L’Outsider de l’architecture

Les hasards de la vie on fait de Sophie Gironnay une force dans le monde de la création et de l’innovation architecturales de la ville de Montréal. Pourtant, elle n’est […]