Quebec plan may force doctors to work more

Quebec Health Minister Dr. Gaétan Barrette is planning nothing less than remodelling the province’s health care system by shedding a tier of administration and forcing doctors to work at least […]

Stem-cell replication to treat blood diseases

Human clinical trials are set to start in December to test an innovative approach to treating life-threatening blood diseases, such as leukemia. A team of researchers from the Institute for […]

Love Virtually

Does online romance mean rewriting the rituals and etiquette of finding a partner? It all comes down to trust. Is dating dying out in our wired-up modern world? Is online […]

Agreement with Cree communities could set precedent for research

Indigenous people retain majority of intellectual property rights over research findings stemming from their traditional knowledge of local medicinal plants. Stanley George, newly elected Chief of Whapmagoostui, a small Cree […]

Joint Canadian-Chinese research partnerships starting to flourish

As China updates its research protocols and Western scientists gain access to huge populations for genetics research, such partnerships are way of the future. Barely off the plane from China, […]