“Time Bombs,” one-hour documentary (original idea/research)

“Weather in History,” for MeteoMedia, a series of 12 vignettes on how history was shaped by weather events (producer/director/writer, 2000)

“Great Hurricanes of our Times,” for MeteoMedia, a series of 5 documentaries on the most important hurricanes of the last century (producer/director/writer, 2000)

“Marine Archeology in Louisbourg,” (producer/director/writers, 1997)

“Africville in Perspective,” for TFO (1997)

“Wilma, the Orphan Beluga,” (producer/director/writer, 1996)

“The Science behind the Wolves of Shubanacadie,” (field producer/director/writer, 1996)

“Health Watch,” for Life Channel, a series of 8-minute mini-documentaries (producer/director/writer, 1995-1998)

“Meet Hubert Reeves, Astrophysicist: infinitely small to infinitely great,” for TFO (1995)

“Panorama,” for TFO, regular contributor of mini-documentaries in science, environment and technology (1992-1995)

“Fall in hell of Tele-evangelist Pierre Lacroix,” for Tele-Quatre-Saisons, a series of two 10-minute documentaries (1988-89)

“Quebec City Plagued by Drugs,” for Tele-Quatre-Saisons, a series of four 10-minute documentaries (1988-89)