Quebec Health Minister Dr. Gaétan Barrette is planning nothing less than remodelling the province’s health care system by shedding a tier of administration and forcing doctors to work at least 12 hours a week in public facilities and have a caseload of at least 1000 patients or risk losing up to 30% of their pay.

Barrette has tabled two bills designed to save $270 million and make the system more efficient. But critics say the impact of the bills has not been properly assessed and they give the minister too much power.

Bill 10, which was tabled in September, proposes cutting a whole level of administrative power in the health care system by ridding the province of its regional health agencies and service centres, and replacing them with Centres of Intervention of Health and Social Services. The number of administrative boards, including those for hospitals, mental institutions, nursing homes and other facilities would also be cut.

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